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Let’s stop and have a conversation here about something:


There are a number of powerful, destestable, and vile villains in the SWTOR universe.

Vash is manipulative, Hunter is cunning.  

But what is the first thing said about Baras?  “Fat-ass.”


That is the number one descriptor ever thrown onto characters like Baras and Skadge.  As if THAT is why they are so detestable; not for being evil, cruel, sadistic.  People hate them because they’re overweight.  THAT is the most gross and awful thing about them.

Baras is clever, capable, and dangerous.  He’s manuvered through the Sith and decieved them into believing his ruse with the Emperor— but all of his intellect and power is marginalized by the fact that he’s an obese, elderly man.
The same sort of bias goes towards the Hutts; corpulence is part of their culture, but the Hutts are some of the sharpest tactical minds in the galaxy.  Their mental acuity is terrifying— but again, people totally negate this prowess based solely on weight.

Because, as a culture, we have been drilled into thinking:  fat = lazy = stupid.



Baras was anything but stupid.

He was pretty manipulative, calm, rational (despite his tantrum with the warrior ;) ), and decent with the Force and lightsaber combat.

He also survived several assassination attempts and quite a few encounters with powerful Jedi.

So, yeah, not weak or stupid.

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Tonight, I leave you with the awesomeness of my Twi’lek warrior wrapping up his class storyline on Balmorra.

I like the fact that it’s a “light side” choice to arrest and send the Jedi to Darth Baras for torture as opposed to the “dark side” option of just killing her.

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I’m starting to enjoy Darth Baras’ temper tantrums.

…as well as backsassing him about them.

He screams a lot. (“Nice set of lungs you’ve got there.”)

It’s kind of funny.

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jen-baen replied to your post: Winning: It’s not allowed.

Obviously you’re not bullshitting but goddamn I cannot imagine anyone actually saying this to someone else. Especially considering how few options there are for unique outfit ideas in TOR. C’mon o_o

Oh, it happens to any Inquisitor wearing that all black low level set, simply because it’s a fucking awesome looking set and is really popular.

It doesn’t help that a lot of people who wear it DO rock out the “I’m a badass GOD AMONG MEN!” attitude with their character in the Fleet cantina. It’s kind of like goth clothing: For as awesome as it looks, you’re going to get lumped in with the Crypties of the subculture now and again no matter what you do. You just kind of deal with it and inwardly cringe when they start up.
Quite honestly, though, I like the way Darkside corruption made Bi’ev look and wanted a helm that would let me see it without having a hood obscuring most of his head/face.

The one person who took offense to an obviously dark side character NOT wearing a hood made me /headtilt though.
Totally cannot win: Either he looks like too much of a MUAHAHAHAAAAA evil guy or he gets, “Jesus man, hide your ugly face!” 
I guess the guy at the mailbox took great offense to seeing it, considering he felt it necessary to send me a long tell about how it was ‘lore breaking’ for someone that far into the darker side of things to not have his face hidden 24/7.

Could you roll my eyes back to me, please? 

Maybe I’ll just get Bi’ev one of those Darth Baras style helms so he can eyeroll freely and nobody can see it.

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