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askmace replied to your post: i’m about to be getting a 2 year old four foot long red tail boa and i was wondering what size tank i would need for it

I had a teacher in high school that had some form of constrictor that was large. He would feed it live chickens in front of the class.

Some people do feed chickens to their larger snakes, though I know a lot of owners moved away form it due to a heightened salmonella risk. Honestly, though, if you know your source, it’s not a problem.

Bones likes to have 2-5 day old chicks every now and then, and we always have those on hand for the cats. Every few weeks I swap out a rat meal for a chick meal for him. The other two snakes have no interest.

Daphne prefers rabbits, but will eat guinea pigs and rats (though rats are more ‘fun size snacks’ for her now). We try to avoid the latter two for her as they’re so high in fat, though.

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