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Eruandil, Master of Birds: calleo: tehjai: SWTOR-RP just went and spoiled the BH storyline...

I wonder what the traffic on their site from users versus the traffic in the server is.

It’s not really leadership if the majority of the population isn’t behind you, it’s a base attempt at dictatorship - or oligarchy at best - and if you don’t have any power to enforce it then you just look like a tool.

Oh, it’s incredibly small, barely a fraction. It was like that when it was mostly a Lord Adraas thing to, but it never, ever stopped them from claiming to be ‘community leaders’ in terms of the RP community.

There were always so many threads about “community/server consensus” on server canon BS and stupid things like the Voss-ka Project, and anyone who mentioned the fact that it was exceptionally arrogant to have the attitude that they were a ‘voice’ for RP or community leaders was warned, locked, or deleted as ‘too negative’ and being ‘unhelpful’.

This…is nothing new to LA veterans, it’s just a continuation of awful behavior that, I think, we’d hoped they’d drop with the  move to EH.

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    I personally don’t mind spoilers, but a lot of people do, but even then, surely gold text just highlights a spoiler and...
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    Wow… what a bunch of dirt bags.
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    The best part about the whole debacle: THey have a news story with a jump on their front page. But they can’t put...
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    I would say that that sums it up pretty accurately. Oh, and they’ll call you an elitist or a jerk if you disapprove of...
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    So what I’m basically reading is “they’re a small bag of dicks in a large pond that have a tendency to wave themselves...