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Taz’hezyst and I share the same level of patience.

A few days ago, I was dinking around on Taz’hezyst on Ilum.

Taz’hezyst was, at the time, level 48. I just kind of half-ass Ilum dailies at 48, usually 2 days of dailies gives me another level, and I’m in no hurry to hit 50 and have to get some better gear.

He’s a healbot, Xalek has gear, Ilum is easy. I started it at 46, finished most of the actual quests by 47.

So, while doing dailies, I got a random tell from someone asking if I could help him with some quests.

I agreed.

…I then realized he was level 46. Okay, cool, I was there at 46 too and it was tricky at times if I wasn’t careful with pulls. He had some quests I still had to do, yay, this will be okay!

I let him know that Taz’hezyst is a healer and Xalek is a geared to tank, got no response, but okay  maybe the guy isn’t a talker.

We start on the first quest, and Mr. 46 Juggernaut starts PULLING ALL THE THINGS, some on purpose, some by accident. Okay, maybe he figured since I was closer to level and a healer it wouldn’t be an issue. It really wasn’t, everyone stayed healed and alive.

I noticed, however, that Xalek was having trouble keeping aggro.

Juggernaut had his tanking form on.

"Hey, would you mind switching to a DPS stance? Xalek can tank, and given your level it’ll be easier if you just DPS and let my NPC tank."

No response.

No stance change.

Fucker starts doing it again.

I repeat myself, only a little more firmly with, “Turn your tanking stance off, let Xalek tank and pull.”

Still no response and this douchewaffle keeps running off to pull shit.

So, I let him die.

Him: "Healer wtf?"

Me: "I asked you twice to not pull for me or tank for me, you’re way too low level to be doing that and it makes everything go slower and be more difficult than it has to be. Just let my NPC tank, he’s a tank NPC companion and he’s geared to tank."

No response, I assume (wrongly) that that means he finally gets it. I rez him, and he immediately runs into a heroic are and pulls a bunch of shit.


I saw where he was going and stayed back. When he died, the 5-ish elites and silvers he pulled just reset, they didn’t aggro on me.

Then this comes up in party chat…

Him:  "wtf rez me!"

Me: ”No. I asked you not to try to tank, I asked you not to pull for me, and I asked you to switch to DPS stance, you kept trying to tank, didn’t switch stances and kept pulling for me. I’m not rezzing you.”

He started in with the swearing about how I was a “fucking asshole” and a “fucking bad’, blah, blah, standard crap, so I just dropped group and went on my merry way!

AND THIS ASSHOLE STARTS FOLLOWING ME! Not only following me, but trying to killsteal, train mobs onto me, the usual routine of douchebag behavior. So, if I saw mobs go gray on me, I just bubbled, put Xalek on passive, and ran until combat ended so he didn’t get kill credit. I also watched him die more than once when they re-aggroed on him. He did this for almost 30 minutes before I got another “FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING FUCKER MOTHERFUCKING ASSHOLEDOUCHEBAG BAD” style message, and saw him log off.

…then comes the level 1 whisper of, “u have ne officers on in ur guild? 1 of ur members was griefing me.”

Me: “I am an officer.”

Him: “fine whos ur gl?”

Now, even though it’s not technically true, I can say with certainty that the actual GL would not want to talk to this douchebag even to just laugh at him.

Me: “I’m the GL. What do you want? Tips on how not to fail at tanking? Or just some lessons on group manners and dynamics?”

Him: ”FUCK U ASSHOLE!” and a logoff.

Taz’hezyst’s IC comment in /g was, “I think this Juggernaut has taken one too many blows to the head; either that, or he’s suicidal.”

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